Semliki National park

Situated in the extreme west on the country’s border with D.R. Congo, the park lies within the Albertine Rift, contains about 75 square miles of East Africa's only lowland tropical rainforest, and is one of the richest areas for both flora and fauna in Africa. The park covers a distinct ecosystem at the junction of several climatic and ecological zones, and as a result has a high diversity of plant and animal species and many microhabitats. The vegetation found in Semiliki National Park is predominantly medium altitude moist evergreen to semi deciduous forest with the Cynometra alexandri tree as the dominant plant species.
The park has more than 400 bird species, 216 of which (66% of the country’s total bird species) are true forest birds. Examples include the rare Forest Ground Thrush (Turdus oberlaenderi), Sassi’s Olive Greenbul (Phyllastrephus lorenzi) and nine species of Hornbill.
The park also boasts over 60 mammal species, including forest buffalos, leopards, pygmy hippos, Mona Monkeys, water chevrotains, bush babies, civets, forest elephants, and the Pygmy Flying Squirrel (Idiuus zenkeri). Nine species of Duikers are found in the park, including the Bay Duiker (Cephalophus dorsalis). Additionally, the park has eight primate species and almost 300 butterfly species.

Key Attractions
Bird Watching
Game Drives
Bathing in hot springs
Chimpanzee Tracking
Forest walks
Boat trip on Lake Albert

Accommodation Options
Up market lodging facilities are provided at Semliki Safari Lodge
Camping facilities are also available