Uganda Wildlife Education Center (UWEC)

Uganda Wildlife Education Center (UWEC) serves as an animal orphanage, sanctuary and education centre. The centre is situated on a 33-hectare plot on the shores of Lake Victoria. It was established as an orphanage for animals rescued from poachers and illegal trade in 1957, it was being referred to as a zoo until 1994 when it was changed to Uganda wildlife education center.
All the animals at the center were either rescued from poachers, illegal trade or accidents whereby they were brought in for treatment and observation but none was captured or purchased. They were all brought to the center by government agencies, animal welfare groups and concerned individuals.
The Uganda wildlife education center is an exciting place to visit and learn about the unique wildlife to be found in Uganda’s national parks and the ecosystem in which they live. The wildlife at the center is confined in environments similar to the natural habitats ranging from rainforest wetland to grassland. There is a 1000 meter stretch of tropical rainforest encompassing over 200 bird species, other animals include African rock pythons, Nile crocodile, spotted hyena, lion primates and many more.
The center also has a variety of tree species and medicinal herbs displayed in the green houses. Activities that are offered at the center include nature walks in the forest, bird watching wildlife viewing and swimming in Lake Victoria.
*Only full day tours are available. There are no overnight lodging facilities for visitors