Rwenzori Mountains National Park

Lying along the western border of Uganda and covering an area of over 385 square miles, this park is home to the Rwenzori mountain range - commonly referred to as the "Mountains of the Moon" for its mist-shrouded, snow-capped peaks. The mountain range contains six peaks, 3 of which carry permanent snow and glaciers offering spectacular scenery. In the centre of the range is Africa's third highest peak, Mt. Margherita reaching a height of 5,109 metres. This is an excellent destination for keen hikers and mountaineers, although the higher slopes are demanding and require some mountaineering skills. The best time of the year for hiking is during the dry seasons from mid December to end of March and from June to mid August. 
Wildlife including elephants, duikers and primates such as Vervet Monkeys, Rwenzori Colubus monkeys, and chimpanzees also inhabit the park.

Key Attractions
Village excursions
Game Viewing

- There are numerous inns, guesthouses and camping sites in the area, and hotels are available in the nearby towns of Kasese and Fort Portal. Shacks and rock shelters are available at different altitudes on the mountain slopes for climbers.
- Kamungha Guest House located situated on the foothills of the National Park specifically to accommodate hikers.
-Equator Snow Lodge offers luxury accommodation