Kibale National Park

Kibale National Park is situated to the North East of Fort Portal town in the Western Uganda district of Kabarole. It covers a total of 300 squares miles comprising natural forests, grasslands and swamps.
Kibale forest has the highest density and diversity of primate life in Africa. A total of 13 different primate species inhabit the park including families of chimpanzees and several types of Colubus Monkeys. Chimpanzees are the most famous inhabitants of Kibale Forest National Park totaling over 1,450. There are also a number of impressive mammals including bush buck, water buck, duiker, and giant forest hog that could be spotted, as well as an array of reptiles and amphibians.
The forest and grassland support abundant bird life- almost 325 species of birds have been identified. It also hosts a variety of approximately 144 types of butterflies and over 250 species of trees.

Key Attractions
Primate Tracking
Night time Guided Forest Walks
Bird/Butterfly Watching

Accommodation Options
Kyaninga Lodge offers fully furnished Forest Cottages
Camping facilities are also available at Kibale Forest Camp within the park; there are also four additional campsites for those with their own tents and beddings.
Sky Tree House
Primate Lodge
There are also a range of hotels in Fort Portal, 35kms north of the park.