Catering to the environmentally and culturally-minded tourist, Eco tours at Imagine Expeditions are purposefully designed for small groups in order to limit the negative cultural and environmental impacts associated with mass tourism. We aspire to expose visitors to the abundant natural endowments found all over the country, while at the same time promoting the conservation of natural resources and contributing to the equitable economic development of the local communities in these areas.

With a biodiversity comprising seven distinct ecological zones (montane forests, lowland forests, water bodies, savanna grasslands, savanna woodlands, semi-arid zones and mountains), Uganda is a perfect microcosm for the natural beauty of Africa. The country hosts relatively fewer tourists than its neighbours ensuring that its delicate ecosystem remains in pristine condition with little exposure to the harmful side effects of mass tourism. This allows those who visit to better appreciate the unparalleled closeness to nature and the general safety around the country as they embark on nature excursions.

Eco tours can be arranged in all national parks and protected areas around the country and are easily combined with other tour packages. Eco tours include forest /nature walks, village walks, birding, community tourism, eco camping, game viewing, primate tracking, mountaineering/hiking, cultural tourism, sightseeing, nature photography, biking, white water rafting, and so on.
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