About Us

Imagine Expeditions™ was founded by two young Ugandans with a singular aspiration– to nurture a kind of tourism that values authenticity above all else. At Imagine Expeditions, visitors are encouraged to let sheer imagination lead them on a one of a kind journey of discovery that they can truly call their own. In order to realize this aspiration, guests are at liberty to design travel itineraries that are best suited to their unique tastes, and tour groups are kept small to guarantee a more intimate experience.

The company is run by a team of consummate tourism professionals who are bound by a shared love for the rare gifts that nature bestowed on this land, a passion to preserve & share these gifts with as many people as possible, and the technical expertise to guarantee that visitors have the experience of a lifetime.

Operational Partners
At Imagine Expeditions, we work in collaboration with like minded, locally oriented companies in the realms of art, music, dance, photography, handicrafts, design and fashion to ensure that our guests are accorded comprehensive exposure to the diverse array of attractions that characterise Uganda . Please click the icons below to learn more.