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Golden Monkeys: Mgahinga National Park ready for experiential tourism
Date 05.08.2013
Written by: imagineexpeditions
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Uganda Wildlife Authority's Directorate of Conservation has completed the process of habituating a family of Golden monkeys for experiential tourism as a strategy to diversify tourism activities within Mgahinga Gorilla National Park.

The product is now ready for the market, according to UWA management, with the possibility for visitors to stay with the monkeys for up to four hours. The fee for this activity is US$100 inclusive of park entry fees, with a maximum number of 6 people per visiting group per day.

The activity will be taking place in the mornings and afternoons and will last an average of four hours each session. Bookings will be done at both the UWA headquarters and the national park offices in Kisoro and Ntebeko.

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